top of page will be a new interactive social networking/media sharing website which allows musicians and fans to connect worldwide. Songplay will give the opportunity for fans to follow their favorite musicans and that musician's career. It also gives many musicians the chance to be discovered online by creating profiles and uploading not only their music, but their photos, videos, and events to, which is a virtual stage for millions of music listeners worldwide. 


Musicians can use SongPlay to share content and connect with audiences, as well as gain access to critical, finely-grained metrics regarding fan demographics and statistics. Musicians can also participate in contests and incentives rewarding growth, including cash prizes and features.


Fans can use SongPlay to connect with musicians and other fans, discover new music, and get great updates from new and emerging artists. Music industry scouts and record labels can use SongPlay to get a true 360-degree view of new and established artists, including their style, talent, and fan base.


Labels can also access analytics, giving them valuable information regarding the characteristics and desires of each artist’s fan base. By generating multiple revenue streams and providing an ideal environment for targeted advertising, SongPlay will become the premier music social network on the Internet today

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